Agricultural Water

Section links:

FDA Intends to Extend Compliance Dates for Agricultural Water Standards
June 2017 announcement from the FDA.

Understanding FSMA Water Requirements
Discusses various water requirements for FSMA compliance.

The Water Analysis Method Requirement in the FSMA Produce Safety Rule
Outlines the FDA approved test for creating your microbial water profile.

NSAC Blog – Agricultural Water

Western Center for Food Safety Agricultural Water
Provides information about FSMA agricultural water rule and online calculators to assess individual farm’s current water qualities (surface and ground water calculators available).

Practical Pointers for Submitting Water Samples for Inspection
Discusses how to properly submit water samples to comply with FSMA regulations.

Water Sampling Done Simply

University of Massachusetts Agricultural Water Resources
List of various resources for agricultural water to comply with USDA GAP.

Massachusetts Water Quality Standards and Microbial Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Cornell University Agricultural Water for Production
Resource for water quality testing to comply with USDA GAP: includes decision tree, SOPs, standard log sheets, and other resources.

FSMA Produce Rule Water Requirements
Rutgers video about FSMA water requirements (34:32 mins).

FSMA water sampling 101: Tips for sampling irrigation canal water
Discusses how to sample water for testing(2:51 mins)

Introduction to Drip Irrigation and Plasticulture
Provides information about plastic mulch on farms and drip irrigation systems (8:29 mins). 

Plant-Pathogenic Oomycetes, Escherichia coli Strains, and Salmonella spp. Frequently Found in Surface Water Used for Irrigation of Fruit and Vegetable Crops in New York State
Discusses data taken from farms in New York State regarding contaminated water and the consequences.

Agricultural Engineering Blog:  Doser for Small Scale Vegetable Washing with Sanitizer
Article from Chris Callahan at UVM Extension on building a simple doser for manually measuring accurate doses of sanitizer for use in produce wash water.

Guidance on Wash Water Discharge from Vegetable Pack Sheds
Factsheet from UVM Extension and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets with design recommendations for wash water discharge.