Domestic & Wild Animals

Section links:

Bird Damage Prevention for Northern New England Fruit Growers
Discusses netting, visual devices, sound deterrents, toxicants and other options for keeping birds out of crops.

Controlling Birds Around Farm Buildings

Rodent Control
Discusses possible ways to control rodent presence on the farm.

Agricultural Engineering Blog:  Rats (and other rodents)
Ideas and references from UVM and members of the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association on controlling rodents around farm buildings.

Controlling Deer Damage in New England Orchards
Discusses fencing and scare tactics for controlling deer damage on farms.

Deer Control Options
Discusses the five ways to control deer from contaminating a farm.

Feral in the Fields: Food Safety Risks from Wildlife
Examines how wild animals can contaminate crops on farms.

Field Contamination Fact Sheet
UVM fact sheet that discusses how to reduce food damage from wildlife and livestock on the farm.

Wildlife, Domesticated Animals, and Land Use
UMass resources for GAP certified farms.

What is the risk from wild animals in food-borne pathogen contamination of plants?
Discusses how animals can become dangerous in terms of food safety and how contamination occurs.