FSMA - Produce Safety and Voluntary Audits

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FDA at a Glance: Final Rule on Produce Safety    

This fact sheet provides an overview of the Product Safety Rule.                                                                                                                    

FDA Produce Rule FAQ
Discusses common questions and answers regarding FSMA Produce Rule.

FSMA Final Rule on Produce
FDA’s main information page directing users to more information on the Produce Safety Rule of FSMA.

Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption
Federal Register version of the final version of FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule

Does Your Farm Need to Comply with the Produce Safety Rule of FSMA?
The following three online tools help your farm determine what compliance requirements may apply to you under the Produce Safety Rule of FSMA.  The intent is to visit each of the three, and ensure that each leads to the same conclusion of where the farm falls under the rule.
    YouTube Video briefly outlining the rule
    National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition flow chart                                                                                                              (For best viewing, use a larger screen or download the flowchart and print it.)
    Where do you fall under the FSMA Produce Safety Rule?
    Online survey tool which asks produce growers questions which then leads them to information on where they fall under the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.

Understanding FDA’s FSMA Rule for Produce Farms
Summary of the rule from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

FSMA Inflation Adjusted Cut Offs
Sales cutoffs which determine where a farm falls under the rule are subject to change annually with the rate of inflation.  This page identifies what those cut offs are from year to year.

Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety
Provides educational opportunities for farmers anywhere, particularly in the northeast.

Record Required by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule

Factsheet from the Produce Safety Alliance on records required for farms covered under the Produce Safety Rule

Record templates

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
UMASS GAP manual and instructions on becoming GAP certified if your farm is in MA.

National Good Agricultural Practices Program
Cornell’s main page of information on the USDA GAP program, including information on trainings.

Commonwealth Quality Program – voluntary audit program based in Massachusetts
    Commonwealth Quality
    UMass overview of the Commonwealth Quality program.

    Commonwealth Quality Massachusetts
    Information on starting the certification process.

Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association’s Community Accreditation for Produce Safety (CAPS)

Produce Safety Alliance
Collaboration between Cornell, USDA, and FDA to help prepare growers to meet FSMA Produce Safety Rule requirements.