Starting a Food Business

Plan Your Business

U.S. Small Business Administration

This link connects you with the first of five topics to explore with planning your business.  Use the menu on the left to access the other topics.


Starting a Food Business in New Mexico

While some of the information is specific to New Mexico, this 11-page guide provides useful information on how to commercialize a product, packaging and labeling and business planning and management.


Specialty Food Business Basics: Getting Started

Cornell Food Venture Center

This Section of the Food Entrepreneur Resource Center is intended to give you an overview of the business. The pages in this section address challenges and rewards, helping to answer the question, "What is the Specialty Food Business, and do I want to be in it?"


Starting a Business

Agriculture Marketing Resource Center / Iowa State University

A comprehensive list of resources under each of four topics about starting a business.


Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship:  A Technical Guide for Food Ventures (second edition)

Initial Guide

Cornell Food Venture Center

This 108-page manual contains much valuable information starting a food business, business and marketing as well as information about different types of food products.


Pros and Cons of Starting a Specialty Food Business

Cornell Food Venture Center

This 2-page fact sheets outlines some of the pros and cons of starting a food business.


Starting a Food Based Business

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

A guide of what you should consider as you plan your food business.


Resources for Small Food Businesses in Maine

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Provides federal and state resources for farm food safety in small food businesses in Maine (includes training courses, articles, and videos).


Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center

Franklin County (MA) Community Development Corporation

Provides technical assistance, workshops and resources to help start or expand a food business.


Doing Business in NH

State of NH

Resources and links for starting a business.


Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Business in RI

Rhode Island Department of State

Questions and answers to help you get started.


Business Start-Up Guide

Vermont Secretary of State

Step-by-step guide for starting a business in Vermont.


Cornell Food Venture Center

Cornell University

Information and services for food entrepreneurs.


Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Rutgers – New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Provides marketing, technical, regulatory, and manufacturing expertise to support food businesses.


Commercial Food Processing

Penn State University

Resources and information for food processors.